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These special ceremonies are designed to recognise partnerships without the legal formalities. You may choose to have a ceremony that is similar to a wedding or create your own symbolic union in whatever form you desire. Same sex couples are welcomed and Lisa will present you with a special certificate on the day. I offer you exactly the same value for money as those wishing to marry.



This ceremony re-affirms your commitment to your partner and is a particularly wonderful way to celebrate any special event like an anniversary.  It is an opportunity to reflect on your history and deepen your commitment in a ceremony of your choice. A specially created certificate is given in memory of your celebration.



These ceremonies can be like, but ARE NOT baptisms or christenings, and are not exclusively for children. They are usually performed to welcome a child to the community, but also serve adults who have changed their names.  Each ceremony is unique and is tailored to suit the individual concerned. There is particular importance and meaning given to the family and community to which the child belongs.  Baby naming ceremonies usually involve important family members and friends (supporting ‘adults' or 'mentors' as witnesses) who will be there for your child throughout their life in whatever way is needed. Any symbolic gesture, such as the lighting of candles or freeing of butterflies, may also be included. Certificates are given for each child/person named.



Any event that represents an important milestone for you can be celebrated with a ceremony. The possibilities are endless and I am happy to discuss any ideas you may have, for example - Retirement, living eulogies, graduation, house warming. Big birthdays like turning 21, 30, 40, 50 etc can be celebrated in style with the inclusion of a brief ceremony that reflects who you are and what is important to you. I can even create DVD slideshow presentations to music for you and your guests.





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