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From 2010 to 2023 celebrating over 1000 ceremonies and beyond

As my business comes to a close in it's current form, I reflect on the last 13 years with mixed emotions.


Where did the time go?


I'm certainly more relaxed and comfortable in my skin these days and not so bothered by dishevelled hair and glasses slightly askew.


Over the years my business has evolved and diversified far beyond the original scope of Lisa Grosskopf Celebrant which officially started in 2010.

I began officiating weddings, conducting funerals and specialising in grief and loss as a pastoral carer at the PA Hospital in Brisbane. What a privilege it has been working in a variety of ways with individuals, couples, families and various groups. It's been a meaningful and humbling role which I may return to when I'm old ;) 

2024 is bringing new challenges and exciting new beginnings. I am no longer conducting ceremonies at this time nor offering official on-going pastoral care, but am still taking bookings as a guest speaker/facilitator for events, as well as disability and aged care related support.  


To keep up to date with the latest information please follow me on or send me a message if you need my assistance in any way. Whilst I endeavour to answer all FB business queries within 24 hours, if you need me urgently please call or text - 0410 654136.


So until we meet in person, make the most of the moments you have and don't hesitate to reach out.

Lisa :) 



  • Member of the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants

  • Accredited Lifeline Telephone Counsellor

  • Certified Clinical Pastoral Carer at the PA Hospital, Brisbane

  • Former Associate Lecturer at CQU (Mackay) and guest lecturer at QUT (Brisbane) in Performing Arts

  • Master Trainer for Dementia Live™, Compassionate Touch® and Flashback™ 

  • Cert IV in Training and Assessment.

  • First Aide Certificate

  • Diploma of Counselling (ongoing)


MY STORY (should you wish to know a little more, here are a few highlights) 

When I was a young child a well-meaning yet ill-informed elder in my hometown of Rockhampton,

warned me that "a jack of all trades is a master of none".

People have always had problems fitting me into a conventional, standard-sized box. I knew no different.

My brain was wired in a way that produced endless curiosity, enthusiasm and a thirst for new and creative challenges which meant I thrived in many diverse environments. Still, I struggled with the elder’s words for many years and assumed (despite evidence to the contrary) that I was somehow defective, until I came across the correct and complete phrase.

"A jack of all trades is master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one".

As an authentic 'jack of all trades', I accept the label which has woven my life into a rich and colourful tapestry and one that was necessary due to the intermittent nature of jobs in the performing arts in Australia. And I don’t intend to stop weaving any time soon! I'm so grateful for the many opportunities my late mother, Judy, afforded me throughout my childhood. She was both wise and clever, intuiting that the key to my happiness would be to keep my creative, busy brain occupied. I was also fortunate to have had excellent teachers in my youth who encouraged me in all my endeavours. 



I trained in multiple disciplines within the performing arts field but my first love and focus was dance. I was accepted into a Bachelor of Arts at QUT Kelvin Grove after completing a special early entrance exam at the age of 16. I deferred the offer from QUT in lieu of training privately in Brisbane. I began my career in Europe as a multi-skilled performing artist at 18. This set me on a path of travel, performance and teaching around the globe until I was 38 years old. 

I initially had the privilege of briefly training as a dancer with a graduation class at the Hamburg State Opera Ballet School before embarking on an audition tour and securing a position as a dancer with the Gelsenkirchen Opera Ballet in Germany. The theatres were financially well supported by the German Government during the late 1980's allowing for my casual contract to be extended continuously for over 2 years. Sadly due to budget cuts the Opera Ballet no longer exists. I danced in the opera ballets as well musicals in a German cast of "Cabaret" and "My Fair Lady". I had such fun during my time at Musiktheater Im Revier, which suited my multidisciplinary training as a dancer, singer and actor perfectly.

After a short contract with the Queensland Ballet Company's School Tour program in conjunction with the Queensland Arts Council in 1993, I hung up my various dance shoes and headed for university as a mature age student. I finally began studying for my Bachelor of Arts majoring in dance and voice at QUT, Kelvin Grove, and also became a qualified fitness instructor. I ran my own dance school in Ascot whilst studying, with a special interest in teaching adults, using dance as a form of physical conditioning and mental rehabilitation. I was awarded runner-up in the Telstra Executive Woman of the Year Award (Arts) for my small, community-based dance school, "Dance-in Time". Despite recommendations from my professor that I continue on to post-graduate studies, I knew that the life of a performing artist was often limited so I accepted a singing gig in Japan. After returning to Australia I applied for one of my dream jobs as an Associate Lecturer of Dance Studies in Music Theatre at the Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music (CQU, Mackay) and later worked as guest lecturer for a Music Theatre elective at QUT, Kelvin Grove. I was well nurtured creatively and intellectually. I learnt so much from both my highly skilled artistic and academic colleagues as well as my delightful students throughout these years. 


Funding for the arts came under pressure and universities began decreasing fulltime teaching positions in certain sectors so I decided to take advantage of other opportunities. I continued teaching, choreographing and singing in various capacities for the next 10 years, but one opportunity led me back to Europe.


In 2003 I left for Hamburg, winning a contract as soprano soloist aboard the luxury German cruise liner, Arosa Blu.

She was a beautiful vessel and our on-board theatre held 900 audience members nightly. This was one of the happiest times of my life. Earning my money travelling extensively, singing, assisting to train the Ukrainian dancers with ballet classes and teaching a little English whilst improving my German language - I was in heaven, but home beckoned and the next chapter of my life began.  



After returning to Australia and retiring from fulltime professional performance. I moved to the Gold Coast and was offered some executive sales roles whilst exploring another lifelong interest in psychology. I trained as a Lifeline Telephone Counsellor when I was pregnant with my daughter in my 40th year and worked on the phones for a time. The skills gained at Lifeline continue to enrich and inform every new venture I undertake.


In 2009 my life as a civil celebrant began. I became a marriage celebrant and was later recruited by an established funeral director as a funeral celebrant. The last 14 years have been a wonderful amalgam of my public speaking, writing, performance and counselling skills particularly in the area of grief and loss.

I stopped most of my formal work from 2019 until 2023 to care for my mum who was palliative for 4 and a half years. This precious time spent with Mum was golden. Her courage, internal fortitude, graciousness, sharp wit, supportive counsel, beautiful smile, sparkling eyes and gentle spirit will remain with me always. She passed away on the 12th of March, 2023.

Currently, I support an inspirational, courageous warrior with paraplegia. Can't wait to use my broad accumulation skills on my next adventure.

Stand-by for ACT 3.

Go gently with yourselves.


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Lisa Grosskopf

Phone: 0410 654136
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